Headers and volleys


  • A ball *
  • A goal
  • 3 or more players
  • A game area (size dependant on age of players), beginners can use small areas, while more advanced players would need an area suited to their strength of kick. 

* Any ball can be used, any size and made from any material.  If there is limited space or breakables, try using a sponge ball or a tennis ball. Using different types of balls will improve your skills.


  • Check that the playing area is cleared and safe. *Please do not play by windows, or roads. Stay away from sharp items. If something could pop the ball, it could also hurt you.
  • Choose a goalkeeper.

How to Play:

  • It’s first to 5 points.
  • Points are scored by the outfield players, by scoring a goal with either a header or a volley. The goalkeeper score points for every save made, or for each shots that goes wide or over.
  • If the goalkeeper wins, then the last person to miss takes their turn in goal. The keeper becomes an outfield player for the next game. However, if the outfield players win, then the goalkeeper stays in goal for the next game. Set a maximum limit of 5 times in goal, in a row, to give everyone a chance at being the goalkeeper.

The game rules can be tweaked to suit.

  • Beginners can start with half volleys (ball bounces once) being allowed. 
  • More advanced players should include extra rules. Like no volleys within the 6 yard area, to give the keeper a chance. Or deny access to 6 yard with point loss every entry. 


This game is great for development of:

  • Passing/crossing
  • Decision making
  • After contact ball control
  • Technique
  • Sporting intelligence 
  • Heading accuracy
  • Shooting accuracy
  • Teamwork
  • Spacial awareness
Please be aware, sports and games are generally noisy. Please be considerate to others around you. And ALWAYS BE SAFE!