What are the benefits of M1B boots?

Here at M1B, we believe in Best Practice.  

It is Best Practice to have the best possible materials for your childs feet, with the ability to stretch and mould to each individual foot.  PU leather has been used on our boots for this reason, as it offers the ability to mould and stretch while wet. PU leather offers great protection for the foot, on impact, helping you gain confidence with every kick. 

M1B footwear is also designed for Best Practice, helping your child develop on their own. Impact areas have been colour coded and then mirrored on the other foot, to aid ball control development of either or both of your childs feet. Special contact areas on the boots sport unique logos, demonstrating to your child the location of “sweet spots” for bending it like Beckham, dribbling like Messi, or volley like Ghanaian Tony Yeboah (Google it). 

A bad workman blames his tools. But a GREAT MANAGER gives his team the right tools.