Orders before noon (GMT) will be processed and sent that day. Orders after will be processed and sent the next day. On busy occasions orders make take longer, this sometimes can’t be helped but we will strive to get your product to you in the quickest possible time.

With every footwear purchase, £2 will be placed in a fund for the delivery post/zip area i.e. your city/county. 

The fund will at first support the development and maintenance of grassland areas and playing fields.

Our vision is to support local communities, grassroots teams and coaches, by making a contribution to the development and upkeep of playing fields, where our kids can play, learn and have fun. 

Green spaces are often lost to building and development. And with thethe loss of these green spaces, we also jeaporise our children’s chances of a healthy, active childhood.

As a parent/adult, you may find yourself having to travel long distances to find a safe area, where you can be active with your kids or friends. The streets are often too busy for play. And gardens have become part of the concrete jungle. Sports teams also struggle, each week, to find pitches and places to fulfil their fixtures. 

Our vision is to support the development of health and sport. But maintaining our greenspaces will also contribute to nature conservation within local communities. Returning derelict building/factories back to parkland, could increase local wildlife, your health, and build community spirit.

Here at M1B, we believe in Best Practice.  

It is Best Practice to have the best possible materials for your childs feet, with the ability to stretch and mould to each individual foot.  PU leather has been used on our boots for this reason, as it offers the ability to mould and stretch while wet. PU leather offers great protection for the foot, on impact, helping you gain confidence with every kick. 

M1B footwear is also designed for Best Practice, helping your child develop on their own. Impact areas have been colour coded and then mirrored on the other foot, to aid ball control development of either or both of your childs feet. Special contact areas on the boots sport unique logos, demonstrating to your child the location of “sweet spots” for bending it like Beckham, dribbling like Messi, or volley like Ghanaian Tony Yeboah (Google it). 

A bad workman blames his tools. But a GREAT MANAGER gives his team the right tools.

Every child is different, every foot is different. 

We suggest purchasing the closest size applicable, and allow you child to grow with M1B. If money is tight, then opt for a size bigger than their size now (if they are a size 7-UK now, then purchase 8.5). This will give your child more time to grow into the boot, giving them more use from the boots. Have your child wear 2 socks on each foot at first till their foot grows into the boot. Generations have used this cost cutting choice.