• Sport was invented by the people, for the people and should be enjoyed by everyone at anytime.

  • Sport is best supported at the lowest of levels. Roots feed the plant.

  • Practice makes perfect. And with hard work, anything is possible.

  • M1B would like to contribute to the future development of local grassroots sport.

It is our top priority to ensure M1B products are:

  • Designed for your benefit 
  • Manufactured with strong and hard wearing materials 
  • Protective
  • Fit for purpose

Our second priority is that you can enjoy our products.  To do this M1B intend to invest in your area by supporting you right back.

Take our flagship product, the M1B Euro footwear range. Designed to not only look great, but also to assist with the development of eye/foot coordination. The key contact areas are highlighted around each foot, to encourage ball skills the use of both the favoured foot and non-favoured foot.

The use of PU leather has been chosen instead of the New light weight materials. This enables the footwear to be stronger, able to stretch and remain protective to the wearer’s foot. 

The beginner sizes offer extra studs on the sole for better foot to floor contact for stability for our toddlers.

With every footwear sale, a donation from us will be placed in a fund for your post/zip code.  Once a post/zip code has sufficient funds, M1B will hold a meeting with local amateur sports clubs for the area to discuss the best way to spend the fund. Ideally we would like to develop waste land or derelict buildings back to grass land and give it back to the people. These spaces would then be available to use by anyone in the community for practice and play anytime. This isn’t a quick fix but a step in the right direction. A start of your’s and your family’s legacy.

We can all remember playing with friends in our younger days, in the streets, down the park or even on waste land. But in this ever growing world streets are over crowded,  parks are shrinking and free land is being developed. On top of that how many of us have concreted our gardens? So where do we develop and continue our involvement in sport? Where do we introduce our children to sport, and play sport with our children? Where can they play together?

Grassroots sport funding 4G pitches is a GREAT idea, for coaching and keeping children active at schools, or for when the weather has made the grass pitches available.  But more needs to be done regarding grass areas. Grass areas are free and available for use pretty much 24/7 and most of all is good for the environment. It is these areas we regard as the best places for children to learn, become healthy, and develop an active future. 

The greatest of sports stars started their legacy the same as everyone else, playing with friends pretending to be their hero. At M1B we believes it’s not the facilities that make the player, but the love and desire to partake in sporting activities, and at the same time have fun.

Enjoyment is key to development. This is undoubtedly the number one rule to becoming a sports star. However what of those who aren’t able to hit those heights, yet still have a passion to play? Well, there are literally thousands of local/community sports clubs out there, whether it be rugby, football, or hockey. Most sports are covered.

It is at these clubs where you’ll find the unsung heroes of sport. Unfortunately it doesn’t often make the headlines of the national press, that So-in-so F.C. has 15 youth teams, yet has only been allocated 7 time slots in which to fit their games. We seldom hear how a local rugby club requires £20,000 to be raised  each year, in order to run numerous adult and youth teams. Or that clubs may be forced to fold. Or how a blind team has to travel 150 miles in order to play at suitable facilities. Well, we have. And we want to support you, as a team.

Together, not only can we build the future, but also cement the foundations of a legacy