M1B Euro Football Boot

M1B Euro Boots


The M1B euro not only looks good and feels good, it also comes with your child's development in mind.

Key points have been highlighted for memorising foot to ball contact:

  • RED - pass/control/precise shot
  • BLUE - short pass/control/flick
  • WHITE - shoot/control/pass
  • BLACK - back heel

For more advanced techniques we've added our M1B around the toes for:

  • M - side foot curl (i.e. free kicks)
  • 1 - toe punt (mastering the toe punt opens a much wider range of curl and movement after contact)
  • B - outside boot curl (very difficult to master but an excellent notch in your belt)

Whether your child is left or right footed, the M1B range makes it easy to see the contact areas, creating an easier path to develop.

Highlighting and mirroring the contact areas for each foot, helps make it clear for the wearer to memorise a good ball contact. The wearer can make a mental note of the position of their standing foot and in which direction its pointing (key for kicking). This can be taken to the non kicking leg. i.e. right footed players can copy and teach their left leg/foot to act the same.

PU leather has been used to protect your child's feet whilst moulding it fit your little superstar’s feet and a Velcro fastening for independence.